Why the Vetting process of your new nanny is so important

Why the Vetting process of your new nanny is so important

July 29, 2021

Category: Family and Nanny, Parent and Nanny

Choosing the right nanny should never be left to chance. The vetting procedure should be comprehensive. It makes choosing your new Nanny safe and reassures you that she will be reliable, trustworthy, great at her work, engaging with you the parents and of course the children. You need to know their time keeping is good and sickness low.

At nannyBright we collate all written references on the Nanny’s work. Then, and most importantly, we speak to the last two Employers with a verbal reference form to hand. This form ensures all the in depth questions are asked that a future Employer needs to know.  

A verbal conversation unveils so much more than the written reference. It allows the previous Employer to be more honest and speak candidly to an experienced vetting recruitment person –  we can really gauge how good the candidate is or where there are areas for development – there is always a pattern on sickness and unreliability and a good vetting process will not leave any stone unturned.

Of course references are  completely confidential but they allow us reassurance that the person we met at the interview stage is as good as we thought in the office and we can place the candidate on the platform proudly. Or, they have highlighted some patterns of a poor work ethic and her registration is halted.

From our experience,  references should be easy to obtain, the last Employer should want her previous Nanny to succeed. They have shared a great working relationship and they should be  wishing  her well in her next role/family – and thats the solid work ethic we are always searching for too!


Helen McLean