Temporary two day position to care for 1 and 3 year old in Marlow

Location:   Marlow
Salary:   £12 net
Contract Length:   8 - 12 weeks
Start Date:   January 2021

A Marlow family are looking for a temporary part time nanny to care for a 1 year old and 3 year old

This would be 2 days per week – Monday and Tuesdays – Hours – 7.30/8am – 5pm

Minimum term with be 8 weeks but could go beyond 12 weeks

The nanny must be trained in using an Epipen as the 3 year old has quite severe allergies to nuts, eggs and dairy.

Care is for a 1 year old during the day and a 3 year old at nursery drop offs and pick ups.

The family enjoy getting out and about walking and outdoorsy lifestyle and the 3 year old enjoys arts and crafts too.
If you are looking for a temp position or work in January this would see you though to the Spring.

Nanny/housekeeper 7 month old – Sonning, Berkshire

Cookham nannies is searching for a competent passionate qualified Nanny to care for a 7 month old gorgeous baby boy and help support very busy parents with nursery duties and general housekeeping time permitting around the care of the baby.

The family are open to it being a 3 or 4 days week and which duties are undertaken mindful that the baby needs so much attention.

Hours are 9am to 6pm with occasional overtime.

The family love the outdoors and live close to a river and woodland, they have a friendly dog so a dog lover preferred.

Just a lovely feel to this role, the family obviously adore their little boy and want the nanny to feel the same way. They are looking for a long term person, someone on the same page and communicates well and enjoys their work.



Family in Littlewick Green are looking for Monday nanny/housekeeper to cover maternity leave

Location:   Littlewick Green
Salary:   £12 -£13 net
Contract Length:   Temp or permanent
Start Date:   November 2020

Fun family in Littlewick Green are needing a Monday nanny/housekeeper to cover a maternity role to start ASAP.

Care is for two little girls 5 and 4, the 4 year old goes to nursery for three hours in the morning so general light housekeeping and kids batch cooking desirable and there will be a nursery pick up and school pick up later in the day.

Super laid back lovely Mum gives free rein to the nanny to take the girls out and have fun.

Please call Helen if you are looking to fill a Monday either temporarily or permanently.

Cookham Nannies are searching for a part time nanny In Cookham Dean

Location:   Cookham Dean
Salary:   £12 net
Contract Length:   Permanent
Start Date:   Nov 2020

Cookham Nannies are searching for a part time nanny to help a family in Cookham Dean care for 3 year old twin girls and a 5 year old little boy.
The family need two 5 hour mornings each week (flexible on which days) to look after the twins and then take them to nursery at 12.30pm.
They would also like an extra afternoon (again flexible on the day) to cover the after school pick up and bed bath routine etc 12.30 to 6.30pm.
Really great family and lovely location, very well known to Cookham Nannies.
If you need to gap fill your week please get in touch.
If you are just looking for part time work between 15/20 hours a week please get in touch and call Helen 01628 617617

Cookham Nannies is searching for an all encompassing nanny/housekeeper to care for a 20 month old little girl

Location:   Bourne End
Salary:   £12 net
Contract Length:   Permanent
Start Date:   ASAP

Cookham Nannies is searching for a competent nanny/housekeeper to care for a 20 month old little girl and housekeep large house near to the river in Bourne End.Hours could be 9/9.30am to 3pm over any three days of the week with 7 hours housekeep to include cleaning this large river home.
The family are so lovely and looking for a qualified nanny to adore their little girl too, sole charge between 11am and 3pm each day while Mum pops out for work appointments.
They would be willing to keep their current cleaners if necessary and change the hours to 11am to 3pm each day but would prefer to have just the one person in and around the home keeping it clean and tidy.

Cookham Nannies is looking for a nanny/housekeeper/PA for a family in Bray

Location:   Bray
Salary:   £12 net
Contract Length:   Permanent
Start Date:   ASAP

Family in Bray are searching for a nanny/housekeeper/PA 4 days a week 10am to 6.30pm (not Fridays)

The nannying would be around 18/20 hours to cover 2.30pm to 6.30pm. Cooking and cleaning a further 13 hours and an opportunity to do some PA work up to a further 5 hours – huge flexibility on duties undertaken and completely up to the candidate on what hours they need.
Mum is expecting a baby in January and there is an imminent house move so looking for a candidate ASAP to get the 5 year old and 3 year old used to the nanny ahead of the further family changes.
This is a great all encompassing role for a super proactive person.

Family in Pinkneys Green seeking fun and energetic nanny to care for their 9 month baby girl

Location:   Pinkneys Green
Start Date:   January 2021

New nanny role in Pinkneys Green area of Maidenhead.
Family are young professional parents and need care for their 9 month old baby girl.
Normal expectations to include baby classes and play dates etc and family looking for an energetic nanny that loves the outdoors and will take their child outside to gain lots of fresh air in their day.
Hours are 12 hours a day over three days and there is flexibility on which three days in the week.

Driver required

Morning housekeeper Required in Littlewick Green to support busy working parents.

Location:   Littlewick Green
Contract Length:   Permanent
Start Date:   November 2020

Lovely family in Littlewick Green are looking for morning housekeeper.

The ideal days would be a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday  –  4 hours per day.

Duties would be clearing the kitchen in the morning, washing ironing, keeping children rooms clean and cooking an evening meal for the family.
This Mum is really really lovely just busy with her business.

Sole charge afternoon nanny to care for newborn and 5 year old in Marlow

Location:   Marlow
Contract Length:   Permanent
Start Date:   January 2021

The family are looking for a nanny to work 3 – 5 days per week, 12pm to 6.30pm – starting January 2021.

Care will be for the 3 month old baby and a 5 year old at school.

The family are looking for an active nanny who is happy to undertake all nursery duties, classes, play dates and get about and about in the fresh air

Hours 12pm to 6.30pm. 3-5 days a week
Newborn and school age nannying experience essential.

Full time Nanny – Cookham Dean 5 month old baby and toddler

Location:   Cookham Dean
Contract Length:   Permanent
Start Date:   October 2020

Lovely new Nanny position in Cookham Dean for a family of 4 – care is for a 5 month old baby and a 2.5 year old toddler.
Everything you want to hear as a nanny is what the family want too – active/positive energy/ creativity/fresh air/activities/baby classes.
The family are moving out from London and sadly can’t bring their nanny with them but they fondly say she was very much part of their family – smiley, giggly, active loves a rainy day!
The toddler attends nursery a few time a week.
This is an autumn start Mum returns to the workplace in January 2021 and would like a good handover so will start the candidate to suit them.

Three or four long days needed – to suit candidate and flexibility purposes for the family.