About Cookham Nannies and Sitters

A message from Helen McLean, founder of Cookham Nannies and Sitters:

My name is Helen and I live in Cookham, Berkshire, with my family and our dog Mollie.

We all love the outdoor lifestyle in this small, friendly country village with its stunning scenery. I have based my business here as it is easy to serve the needs of families in both Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. These are also regions which attract the best nannies.

My previous work experience includes over 20 years in British Airways management, both in the air and on the ground. This involved managing large teams of people and ensuring excellent customer service at all times.

A few years ago, I needed a nanny for my daughter and could not find the right person. After this experience, I decided to start Cookham Nannies to provide a quality service to other people in the same situation. I knew I could create an agency able to match the clients’ needs and the nannies’ skills perfectly.

Our approach includes discussing what is important to you, and developing a working relationship that is open and genuine. We understand that your new nanny, housekeeper or babysitter will take care of the most important people in your life and that absolute trust is vital.

How can we help you?

or telephone: 01628 617 617

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