Why Choose a Nanny over a Nursery?

Why Choose a Nanny over a Nursery?

July 29, 2021

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We believe at Cookham Nannies  a really good nanny has a lot more advantages than a  nursery setting.

A qualified or very experienced Nanny will provide the best 1:1 care for your child/children that cannot be beaten in any other childcare setting. They are focused 100% on your child’s learning and development and reaching all the important milestones.

You can rush out the door to work in the morning, leaving your baby or toddlers in their pyjamas knowing you will get to work on time and the children will be dressed, the dishwasher turned on and the kitchen clean and tidy – centralising your busy family life without a stressful nursery commute to organise too.

A local Nanny will have a great knowledge of local things to do. It may be the local parks , swimming, baby music classes and toddler groups. Even grocery shopping (great for learning colours on all those vegetables). A good nanny will also be sociable and have a great nanny network so your child will enjoy play dates with children the same age or picnics outside – socialising is so important for their development.

On those rainy days a great Nanny will put on the all in one waterproof and wellies and find the biggest puddles to jump in or stay indoors and have quiet time and reading or arts and crafts perhaps and messy play to find the inner Picasso!

The best part thought is the Nanny works 1:1  from your child’s home. It is their familiar environment and their comfort zone. Afternoon naps are not interrupted by 6 other noisy neighbours so they are ready to wake up, refreshed and raring to go again.

And for you – a peaceful calm environment to return home to, a baby in their romper suit bathed dressed and fed ready for bed and those all important  Mummy /Daddy cuddles – priceless!


By Helen McLean