Maternity Nannies

A Maternity Nanny supports the family immediately after childbirth.

Hours are organised to suit, but usually include nights, allowing the new mother to sleep and feel refreshed in the morning, ready to deal with her other responsibilities.

Another option is for the maternity nanny to be available 24 hours a day, with hours of rest at an agreed time, and have sole responsibility for caring for the newborn baby.

However the working day is organised, a special relationship develops between the mother and the nanny, and Cookham Nannies is proud to work with some outstanding maternity nannies, who are so professional and nurturing that the families miss them when their contract ends.

Maternity nannies have their own bedroom. Some parents prefer that the baby sleeps in a moses basket in the nanny’s room and others prefer to have the baby in their own room. Wherever the baby sleeps, the nanny will take over care at feeding times or any other time your baby wakes.

Our maternity nannies are highly qualified and experienced, and many are trained paediatric nurses or midwives. They are self-employed, have their own contracts.

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