Live Out Daily Nannies

A live out Nanny can be full time or part time, they live away from the family home and care and nursery duties are centred around the children, from new-born babies right through to leaving school.

Employing a daily Nanny for your child is providing your child with the best possible care. The Nanny will educate, stimulate and develop your child in your home environment, taking your child to classes, play dates and swimming – ensuring social and development milestones are met.

This is where you, as a working parent, really benefit – you are able to just walk out the door to work and leave, reassured you have chosen someone brilliant to support you at home and care for your little ones.

A daily nanny will become an integral part of your family life and often forge relationships with their families and charges that last a lifetime.

They work to an hourly rate and this rate is the same for one child or three children.

They can work up to 12 hours a day. Duties include:

  • Creating a happy, relaxed environment in which the children will feel loved and secure organising stimulating, age-appropriate activities, play dates, and classes
  • Washing, ironing and organising of the children’s clothes
  • Cooking fresh and nutritious meals
  • Keeping all nursery, kitchen and bedroom spaces clean and tidy, planning meals for the week ahead and shopping if necessary
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